Sábado, Octubre 01, 2022
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You have the better pretty eyes
when you dance they ever smile
but you cry under there lying eyes
because you don’t have there spice for to fly.

You’re live is free and easy
but there aren’t the spicy,
tell me why you’re eyes are smiling?
when you’re heart there are only and crying.

Please, let me these tears
one to one, I will love and will kiss,
like me to be a ear-ring in you’re ears
and there, I will be a singer with these spice.

There you’re eyes don’t lying
because the ear-ring are listening
and through youre lips are smiling
I listen that, that the eyes are crying.

please, don’t cry
please, do’t lye
please, look me and open youre eyes
I’m looking them
my eYes desire to send
these spice for to fly.